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a Bigger Better Self Care Project on the Internet

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Most self care lists have activities, but projects are more dramatic and they promote repeated work, maintenance and routine.

I have curated almost 100 different self goals and made a little projects.

At WorkGamPerk we are focused on improving life at work. Stress and self neglect are big issues for people in the workplace place. 

We have started making an app to help you build a personal self care app that inspires you to add regular enriching and relaxing self care habits to your daily routine rather than waiting until you are overwhelmed and stressed.

The full app is coming soon! 

Right now you can pay what you want for the limited preview and I will notify by email when I have updates!

  • The projects are organized into the 8 main categories of self care. (Preview version 1 has only 3 categories projects)
  • I will notify you email and social media when updates release, until the final app is done.
  • App will include project ideas, activities list, motivation system and more

Self care is not a formula, everyone’s self care challenges are unique and need a personalized solutions. These cards are part of a system for identifying the best personalized self care activities to include in your routine.

After you browse and try the cards I have also built a system to help you plan and repeat your self care activities regularly. Coping with stress is not enough to maintain healthy, productive build up your mind body and soul.


WorkGamePerk is a resource library for employee workplace experience. We are focused on creating a library of tools, games and apps that make work life fun, help workers health and build a delightful flexible work experience. 

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a Bigger Better Self Care Project on the Internet

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